Dating while separated in the military

While a legal separation in the state of Indiana is not a formal divorce, is not an annulment either.It is a legal agreement between marriage partners to live separately, although simply living apart does not by itself establish a “legal” separation.The two procedures accomplish two different and separate goals, but you will need a divorce law firm to help with either. A legal separation lets spouses live separately while deciding to work on the marriage or to dissolve it.Couples who legally separate remain married, but couples who divorce do not, and they are for all intents and purposes “single” once again.For example, a spouse cannot be held accountable for the other spouse’s personal debts after a divorce is finalized.

No-fault divorce is the law in this state, so a spouse does not have to prove that the other spouse did anything wrong in order to be granted a divorce.

During the period of legal separation, the court may compel the separated spouses to seek counseling for themselves or for their child or children if either party makes a motion for counseling in an effort to improve the marriage; if either spouse, one of the children, or a court-appointed special counsel makes a motion for counseling for the child; or the court may order counseling if a judge believes that counseling will be helpful.

The court may not require “joint” counseling of the spouses unless both consent or if there is evidence that one spouse has demonstrated a pattern of domestic violence.

A couple must file for formal legal separation status to obtain the benefits of legal separation.

In northwest Indiana, obtain the legal help you’ll need from an experienced Lake County family law attorney.

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These issues should be resolved as early as possible, and especially if substantial assets and a number of properties are involved.

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