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• Now comes the hard part – actually talking to people.

Send messages to those you find interesting and don’t be afraid to initiate conversation.

I am a firm believer that your disability should be mentioned on your profile page, especially if it greatly impacts your life.

It weeds out close-minded people from the start so you don’t waste your time, and it can be a way to spark conversation and connection.

I wish I could say otherwise, but the general population doesn’t always realize people with disabilities date.

This is, of course, the opposite of true on sites like dating4

While it’s important to take breaks from dating and searching, giving up completely will not help you.

I know at times it feels like no one wants to be with you, but that isn’t true.

Write about your passions, your hobbies, and your idea of a perfect date.

If it’s going well, exchange numbers and plan another date.

I think keeping first dates short and sweet is the perfect way to go no matter what. Finding love is hard for everyone, but negative stereotypes and concepts of disability make it harder for us.

Don’t feel the need to share your best picture from a fancy event you went to, but choose ones that show the real you – the one you want a partner to know on a daily basis.

I like to include a photo of me in my wheelchair, as it gives people a better understanding of my disability.

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  1. When I write to girls I always provide a single purpose e-mail address but still this does not make me stand out of the crowd. Ok, maybe it’s just not possible but I think everyone would like to read your ideas on what kind of ingenious mails women expect men to write when their pic is the only thing that distinguishes them from all the other women.