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First Clement, the Didache, and other post-apostolic writings, however, indicate that only men could be leaders in the church.The Didache (a church manual dating from the late first or early second century) speaks of leaders as priests, high priests in fact, in a “priesthood” that is restricted to men.However, at other times people were commissioned by their church for ministry (e.g., Acts 6:3; 13:2-3).Jesus had warned against a ruling kind of leadership in ministry, and he exemplified ministering as a servant.

In house churches, the public sphere (the traditional domain of men) and the more private, domestic sphere (the traditional domain of women) overlapped, and women—especially the wealthy women who hosted churches in their own homes—had equal opportunities to minister.[4] Deborah Gill and Barbara Cavaness write: . Such roles were rooted in these women’s authority at the household level.For the first two hundred years of the Christian movement, most meetings were held in homes.This custom of meeting in homes is well attested in the New Testament. Apphia was a prominent member of a house church in Colossae, and is one of three people greeted individually in Philemon 1:1-2.Titus is said to have ministered of his own initiative.Or, as Paul put it, God put the concern in the heart of Titus (2 Cor. Paul began ministering after being commissioned by Jesus, but without official approval from apostles or elders—something he seems to be proud of (Gal. In the primitive church, people did not need to go through some sort of official channel in order to begin ministering.

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