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Blankets (typically of one to four points, in half-point steps) and other goods were traded with Native American peoples in exchange for a set number of beaver pelts, a fur in huge demand in Europe for the hat and clothing trade [2].The manner of wearing a blanket could, according to tradition among some cultures, also denote status or a particular attitude or emotion of the wearer [5].

French traders had introduced the system to their blanket trade with North America by the 1690s.

Far from being just practical household items, blankets had an established wider religious and cultural significance in this part of the World.

Later, point blankets became named items in the treaty agreements made between Native peoples and the American and Canadian governments when the Northwest Territories were formed in 1870.

It’s these points that identify the size, weight, and of course the value, of the blanket. Points ranged from 1 to 6, increasing by halves depending upon the size and weight of the blanket.

(Not it’s value in terms of beaver pelts, as is sometimes believed) These could be “read” without unfolding and measuring the entire blanket. From the Hudson’s Bay Company website: Each blanket was graded as to weight and size using a point system. The number of points represented the overall finished size of the blanket.

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The stripe colors were chosen simply because they were easily produced at the time with colorfast dyes.

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