Dating of the gospels

The gospels also contain many descriptions of miracles.The philosophical naturalist must also deny the truthfulness of these supernatural accounts.not dated palaeographically) date is the Codex Sinaiticus at 330-360 CE.

Most Christians only know of the four canonical gospels: those ascribed to Matthew, to Mark, to Luke, and to John.

If the New Testament eyewitness accounts were written as early as the evidence infers, many of the objections of skeptics are impotent.

Early manuscripts mean that the original witnesses to the life of Jesus were (1) available to write the documents we now have, and (2) early observers of Jesus’ life would have been available to deny the testimony of the gospel authors.

The continuing discovery of early fragments of New Testament documents corroborates this early dating.

When visiting with Dan Wallace, Greg Koukl and I asked him about the skepticism on the part of people like Bart Ehrman related to early dating.

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It contains Romans –21 and small portions of Romans 10.

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