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There are Indian-Burmese, Chinese-Burmese and Burmese, and each group holds tightly to their customs and traditions: marrying outside of one’s group is rare and heavily discouraged.So, life in Yangon is a daily adventure that usually leads to the discovery of quirky, unique elements of a society that are welcoming and genuine; both humble in their demeanour and proud of their history and heritage.She knows your husband and asks you to talk it through with him for the good of the community.The police don’t want to get involved in such a private matter and you just want the violence to stop, not press charges.Taxis and trishaws are already running as locals go to work, or gather in parks for yoga and tai-chi practice.Daily life in Yangon is pretty much like being in a time capsule.Locals will also readily try to practice their English with foreigners and will happily discuss politics.

Plus, many of their Facebooks posts are related to their practice and ‘doing good deeds’.In a country that remained isolated from the rest of the world for over forty years, what you see is refreshingly unique: while younger generations are slowly becoming part of the digital world of Facebook and Twitter, older people still prefer to socialise outdoors over tea, relax in the shade or take strolls in parks – the parks here are well-kept and built around lakes, with long boardwalks, leafy trees and hideouts for couples looking for some privacy away from the watchful eye of their parents.Out on the sidewalks, thousands of people set up shops each day offering goods and services from street food, fixing umbrellas by hand, repairing sewing machines, cutting keys or selling smart (and not so smart) phones.The Myanmar people are easygoing when they bargain and negotiations usually end with both parties smiling happily. Early mornings are a time for monks and novices to go on alms while people line up to offer food to them.Evenings and mornings are times when people of any denomination go to their respective places of worship to pray.

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