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If you can genuinely see a future with them, then those are all good signs that you’re moving in together for the right reasons.When you live by yourself, you can invite your buddies over to watch a playoff game whenever you please. My SO and I started dating senior year of high school and we are currently going to different universities, which are nowhere near each other. We were close friends (and kinda in to each other) so when he needed a place to stay and I was living in a two bedroom apartment by myself since my roommate had moved out, it seemed like the obvious choice. Most relationships that start that way end in fire but we've never been the traditional type.

“More importantly, though, is what you've learned about yourself, your partner, and your relationship within the time frame that you’ve been together,” she adds. When it comes to where you want to live, starting (or not starting) a family, and other major points, does it seem like your visions of the future are aligned?

Once you and your significant other become roomies, however, you have to factor them into these decisions.

That’s why Laurie Malonson, a realtor for Keller-Williams in Massachusetts, recommends getting a sense of your partner’s needs for space and solitude before moving in with them.

“Ask yourself, do we form a good and formidable problem-solving team? “What differing skills and assessment abilities do we each bring?

A wise choice of partner will add to your abilities.” If you feel genuinely excited to take this step because you’re confident that you and your partner are super compatible, you’re prepared to communicate about your needs and expectations.

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Do they need a certain amount of alone time during the weeknights? When your partner can’t pay their share of the rent because they’ve blown an entire paycheck on strange items from Amazon..

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