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Tinder allows mobile users to find others near them, looking for dates.

Tinder has yet to respond to an email asking it to clarify its policy when it comes to online impersonation.

If you're a girl you basically just need to put yourself out there a bit and the guys flow in, just know how to sift through the crap because I've seen a guys who just out right swear at a girl just because she refuses to sleep with him.

I've never been one for firing up conversations in the bar (always feels like you convincing them you're worth talking to... Instead, my preference was a combo of online dating (tinder cane after I met my wife so I never got to try it) and hobbies.

Especially with people being rather unapproachable in this area.

I mean, I've gone up to people just to say a friendly hello and been glared down like I'm this social pariah with some ulterior motive (murder?

We get picky and turn down potentials we would have been attracted to in person, and then we start scrutinizing staged photos and re-reading 300-word bios that are bound to leave out more than a few pieces of key information. Eventually, you’ll either find someone or run out of people to swipe through.

Once / if (delete as appropriate) you’re lucky enough to find a match, then you have to overcome the dreaded first date.

Unfortunately, this is a reality of being a public figure,” Moore’s office said in an emailed statement.

The Tinder account links to his official parliamentary Facebook page.

Social media experts who have researched the app tells us in order for this to happen someone would need Moore’s login information, which would include email, username and password.

Agreed, but I find (especially tinder) girls are such flakes in this city.

Regardless, I also find dating extremely easy here - although I've heard complaints from girls that it's hard to find a good guy...

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  1. If this is news to you, take those goody goody glasses off your face and take a good look at the pair gyrating in the club, and try keeping a count on the number of partners that are being swapped in a night, at least on the dance floor!