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Beckett, who found fame in The Office, told how he has been bombarded with fan mail from love-struck female viewers.He said: "I don't mind being the housewives' choice one bit.But my relationship's part of my private life and I hope everyone respects my privacy."Maskall said he is happy to film sex scenes and strip off on screen."I love bedroom scenes, and I'll happily give Nigel Harman a run for his money," he joked.

The name, possibly one of the oldest known surnames, has seen many variations in spelling and is found in over 40 languages.

In lower German the name is Hermann; in upper German it is Harman.

Its early name relationship to Arminius who was German born and educated in Rome was discovered by Martin Luther.

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Kennedy and Schlossberg were married in 1986 and have three children.

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