Dating guy that has no game

She is the one who breaks up with her boyfriend or husband if he cheated or demonstrated negative and unhealthy behavior. You won't be getting a text from her at 2 pm on a work day while she's at the office.

She is the girl who notices the red flags right away, and she doesn't delude herself in an attempt to prolong the relationship. You won't be getting a phone call from her on a school night when she has to study for finals.

If she doesn't give herself sh*t, why would she take it from someone else? You won't be hearing from her on a Friday or Saturday night because she will be out, socializing and having fun with her squad.

The girl with game knows she doesn't have to chase a man.

She'll mention she moved from Los Angeles a few years ago, but you won't know why.Weeks passed, then months, and I saw how much the computer and his virtual life meant to him. When I did talk, he appeared to care, but couldn’t remember what I said. He felt like his friends online were his real friends. He would be getting mad because his virtual friends didn’t like his gaming style, or he got the group killed. I went to Alberta to see my sister in 2014 and it was the first time I was away from him. Once his mom said to me, “oh in a few years you will want him to go and game, to leave you alone.” In my mind I said, “nope, not going to live a life like this.” I longed for him to just spend time with me and to love me. Why he wouldn’t be with me even once a week for a date night.

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  1. Up until this, I thought things were okay in our marriage, though of course we haven’t had much couple time with the demands of four children but this discovery has come as a bolt out of the blue.