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Few areas of science have posed a greater challenge to Young-Earth Creationism than radiometric dating of rocks and minerals.

These techniques, which have been in use for nearly a hundred years, show that rocks from the earth and moon, as well as some meteorites, are as old as 4.0 to 4.5 billion years.

Having made these predictions, the next step is to compare them with data from studies on zircons that are found at ambient temperatures and are not likely to have been at elevated temperature during the last 6000 years (RATE’s estimate of the age of the earth).

There are several studies in the literature that report such data.

The question remains, can this theory accurately predict the radiogenic helium levels in zircon specimens from sites other than the Fenton Hill well?

To answer this question, I will make some predictions based on RATE’s data and conclusions and then compare them with field observations.

presents diffusion rates for helium in the Fenton Hill zircons over a range of temperatures. The diffusion rates are plotted on semilog axes against the reciprocal of the temperature in degrees Kelvin.

The result is a line with a negative slope, which is typical of the Arrhenius Law behavior of a thermally activated process.

In theory, the helium contents can also be used for dating the crystals, but generally are not because at elevated temperatures the helium will rapidly diffuse out. Kenneth Farley of the California Institute of Technology and Dr.The first was published by Reiners, Farley and Hickes.In that work, zircon specimens were obtained from the Gold Butte formation in southeastern Nevada (near Lake Mead).To estimate the remaining helium levels at various times I calculated the first 20 terms of the series (higher order terms are so small as to be irrelevant to the total).Figure 3 shows, for various times, the predicted helium level, as a fraction of the original for zircon crystals of 30 micron radius and a diffusion rate of 1E-18 cm/sec.

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