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This is an old nitrocellulose finish, which can be fragile, so one has to be careful when working on vintage instruments like this.

We removed all the hardware, cleaned off all the loose dust with an untreated micro-fiber cloth, then used a non-abrasive polishing agent to remove the caked on dirt and film.

A guitar that played the same note on three frets, or choked out when you did a string bend?

We pulled all of the wiring and “shielding”, and got to work fixing up the electronics.

We painted the control cavity with conductive shielding paint, covered the control plate with copper foil tape, and grounded the entire cage – this process will help keep unwanted interference and noise from leaking into the electronics.

These are the types of problems that arise out of poor quality fretwork.

In this 2-day class, you’ll gain an understanding how to identify and address these types of issues.

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Our new friend Mike brought in his prized 1960’s Gibson EB-O Bass for a total overhaul.

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