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Christine and her boyfriend had a stormy relationship. Soon after Christine disappeared, Kathy Thornton began searching for answers.

…I always thought that he had done something to her.

They say, "A check at this address failed to reveal any contact with Christine Ruth Thornton." …

the Social Security Administration -- I contacted them asking if there was any employment record and there never had been an employment record.

" He shook my shoulders and the tears were coming down his face, too. And there are dozens upon dozens of these young women that in the pictures clearly are in positions of supreme vulnerability with Rodney Alcala.

I mean he -- he honed in on us, like, really like a -- like a shark in the water, honing in on a seal. Bridget Wilvurt: And I -- I said -- I go, "it was the man, that man that took our picture." On July 2, 12 days after Robin last said goodbye to her friend and rode off on her bike, a fire crew found the body of a child.

Marianne Connelly: I said, "Let's go see her." He said, "We can't do that." I said, "That's my baby, of course, I'm going to see her. " He said, "Because it took us three days to identify her." I said, "What's wrong with you people?

The judge, who has heard all manner of mayhem in New York’s criminal courts in her three decades here, paused for a long moment, sobbing, before continuing.

“I just want to say I hope the families find some peace and solace,” the judge said.

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