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one day she lost a button on a blouse at her office ..I asked for a small sewing kit that someone had at the office and i sit down one and sew a button back on to the blouse that it came off and as a joke she asked me could you make a dress from a pattern and i go yes i learned to sew and useing a sewing machine in home economics in high school.The woman has every upper hand and the man has no "power" in the relationship... Are you looking for industriousness, common sense, intelligence, a nice bank account/investment portfolio, patience, kindness, honesty, curl your toes passion, sense of humor, spiritual values, respect for self as well as respect for parents, children, siblings, the elderly, co-workers, etc. Personally, I enjoy the company of a good man with an interest in community involvement.These traits are based on the man and his upbringing, not whether he is white collar or blue collar. The lady i seen there in the NYC is a lawyer and smart as all get out and it shows in her business .Family and friends are very important considerations, as are professional ties.The further up the SES scale one goes, the more that personal lives and professional lives tend to become intertwined and inseparable. Take a moment to think about what traits you consider most important in a mate?I'd rather be married to a guy with the city's best string of garbage trucks, than to some hack lawyer.

I don't think it matters what a person's job is, it's more about whether or not they are passionate about it..they have drive or not.

Where you’re weak, your man is strong- and vice versa.

This is what I saw from my parents- and it’s something I aim for as well.

but what makes us work as a couple is that she never lets herself get above the whole thing i'm better than you because i have a degree and i make more money than you type of thinking IMO A blue collar man should NEVER pursue a white collar woman.

A relationship where the man earns less is not healthy, it's not balanced.

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