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And I know the pain that she's had to live with since it happened. Both Watson and Tyson are calling for a public hearing into the allegations.

When Watson saw Tyson's allegation, she said she "broke down into tears." "'Cause I feel guilty," Watson said, choking up with emotion. And had I had the strength or the courage to say something in 2000, maybe it never would've happened to her. I feel awful." Fairfax categorically denies Tyson and Watson's allegations against him.

U) announces that it has declared a dividend of US.00 per share on its outstanding multiple voting and subordinate voting shares, payable on January 28, 2019 to shareholders of record on January 18, 2019.

Applicable Canadian withholding tax will be applied to dividends payable to non-residents of Canada.

Fairfax responded to the accusations in a statement to CBS News, saying:"I am, and have long been, a strong proponent of the rights of women in our society -- among them equal rights, reproductive rights, economic rights, the right to be heard and respected, the right to fair access to the criminal justice system, and right to be free from disrespect, harassment, and assault.

The first paragraph of the press release of earlier today announcing the annual dividend should therefore be read as follows: Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (TSX: FFH and FFH.

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"What does that have to do with what happened to me in 2000? "I'll say this, there's-- there is no amount of money that could ever compensate for what he did to me or what I live with every day," she said. The spokesperson also says Fairfax denies ever holding Watson down or preventing her from getting up during the alleged incident.

I don't-- I don't want to give breath to the smears that were put out... I don't want to give power to Justin and what he's done and put-- and act like I have to defend myself. "Because nothing in my life that happened after that night is relevant to what happened that night." In the Washington Post in February, Watson wrote an op-ed, saying: "Women of color who report rape know to expect a dismissive response characterized by even greater disbelief and more abuse, if not complete and utter indifference." "What did you mean by that? "There's this expectation that we are supposed to protect our black men at all costs," Watson said, adding, "And there's been this idea that black women, I guess maybe because this had happened to us throughout history, that it's just something we're supposed to grin and bear and you keep it going." "Do you think these stories are different when black women bring these charges against black men? Meanwhile, Duke tells CBS News the university is reviewing policies and procedures that were in place at the time these events are alleged to have occurred, and whether they were activated and followed.

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