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Even when making plans ill be on the fence about something and unless the guy is like, go get dressed you're seeing me tonight, ill just be fussy and won't budge.I think it's why the majority of men I date are the alpha male type, because they're the only ones that can handle me.While she was really hot, and actually a cool person, she had a lot of the same issues but on a much more minor scale.So I'd watch out for those who have a golden spoon in their hand, basically.I often have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously.When I stop and consider all the things that get "handed to me," I have to say that most of the privileges aren't that exciting for someone much past high school/college and really aren't worth a thing out in the real world.The first time I ever did something that he specifically did not want me to do, we got into this argument where he insulted me continuously, saying that I was stupid for not listening to him and that he always knows what he's talking about. If we were in a dance club or bar guys would almost line up to take their shot with her although I will say I was the benefactor of many free drinks that floated our way.

If you don't like that I'm talking to a guy and he's hitting on me or something, then tell me.When we broke up we stayed friends, still are, I noticed it more then with all the guys coming around now that she was single. The thing I never considered is that really attractive people (I think this may be more so for women, I'm not 100% on that) get a lot of things handed to them and a lot of favors done specifically because they're hot.I would put a photo up, but I don't think I actually have one of her anymore. I dated a girl who was "really hot" because we were clicking pretty well. Well, she'd lived the last 5 years of her life like that, used to be an ugly duckling but that lesson didn't stick later on in life.If you'd rather I don't go to clubs with my girls because I'll get hit on a lot, I'd also rather you tell me that too (I'd be perfectly content just hanging out at home with you or with my girls).In my mind, when you speak up, it shows you care enough to put your feelings out there and potentially seem needy/vulnerable.

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