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She moved quickly across the hall to Jake’s empty bedroom. Vikki walked straight back to her office and dumped the meeting materials into Laura’s hands as she reached the secretary’s desk. Vikki wondered why Laura so interested in Alex, but she didn’t want to ask in case Laura answered. “So, what were you having our friendly little maid do? “Just cleaning up the mess we made,” Jake answered. It didn’t seem enough though, one small piece of plastic. Luckily she shared a roof with a horny teenager she was sure must have an amble supply. She skipped ahead again and heard loud, fake moans. After the meeting ended, Vikki was relieved that both Alex and Rachel left quickly without approaching her. “I heard he’s been here late all week,” Laura said. “Everyone is assembling in the conference room,” Laura said. “I didn’t mean anything, ma’am,” Laura backed away but Vikki wasn’t ready to let her off so easily. After all, I want my underlings to be able to speak their minds. I have nothing to say.” “Then why don’t you see if anyone needs anything to drink before I call the meeting to order? “Often in our society, women are made to feel guilty for wanting,” Alex explained. He was a medium built man in his late 40s, with just a little gray in his temples and beard. She strolled past him, close enough that he could smell her mix of perfumes. She stopped at a shelf close to him and pretended to browse.

They women swarmed him, running their hands over his chest and crotch. The best is that it was all happening on a living room sofa. Vikki leaned back and worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Go ahead, look at the freak who keeps dreaming of fucking her son. She was whoring her out just as she had in her dream.

But if he continued to check her out that meant she could tease even more mercilessly and could probably look forward to seeing more of his nice hard young cock. Downstairs, Vikki sat on the couch waiting for Jake. From her parking space to her office door, she got a lot of approving looks from the males in the office and a lot of shocked looks from the women. ” “Yes, Alex is definitely someone to get close to,” Vikki answered. Alex had come out five minutes later looking even more dumbstruck than before but also wearing a large smile.

She wanted to be his first sight when he came downstairs all tired and sweaty. Laura seemed the most put off by Vikki’s style, but Vikki had learned to expect that judgment from such a bitchy ice princess. Vikki made short comments before and after each speaker, introducing them and leading the discussion afterwards. “I can see how they’d be your style.” Rachel always wore high heels to add to her 5′1 height. “He certainly understands what women want and need and that’s a skill set that’s always useful, in and out of the office. Vikki gripped the steering wheel as her pussy called out for more attention.

She clicked on the mouse but before she could skip ahead one of the women said: They laughed again. How many of her employees would refuse to work with her? I meant that when I’m stressed and overwhelmed with work, it is comforting to be around familiar faces. There won’t be any screws up like yesterday.” “That’s not—” Vikki couldn’t bear for Laura to act any more submissive. Her team had all come up with good ideas to roll out the company’s new customer website.

What would all her co-workers think if they knew the thoughts in her head? Vikki didn’t have the concentration to solve any problems herself. “You’re right that he’s a great guy and he won’t be on the market for long before some skanky gold digger digs her claws into him. Wouldn’t you like to find out how much he really knows about a woman’s needs?

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