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They’re certain to question whether your lover is getting special treatment at work.Never mind that public displays of affection may leave some feeling ill at ease.Finances, personal history and secrets, your bedroom happenings…all enter the picture.If your lover betrays your confidences at work it could devastate your reputation.By Mark Swartz On Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions, it’s traditional to shower your beloved with gifts. Even if the feelings are reciprocal and you’re being discreet (or think you are) about dating a subordinate, it’s a relationship fraught with perils. Complications arise when you deliver these expressions of intimacy to your special someone – and you’re their boss!

On the other hand, flaunting your fling will surely rankle others.

If you attempt to do so, make sure to prepare yourselves for likely repercussions.

There’s a power imbalance here with serious implications. The Object of Your Affection May Object Many a subordinate’s admiring glance or lingering smile has been mistaken for affection.

She’s definitely not like most other women and her candor is either refreshing or terrifying, depending on who you are. While many might think she’s too bold, she’s just being herself. Tell her the truth or just end the relationship now. It doesn’t matter if the truth is “you forgot.” She’d rather know than wonder why you’re hiding. You’re not going to wear her down and get her to apologize. If she’s not, the fight’s not over until you admit you’re wrong. Straightforward women have a bit of an adventurous streak.

The best thing about her is you know she’s not holding anything back. She’s going to want to try new restaurants, go on unique vacations or delve deep into the Karma Sutra. She might not look like Barbie, but she’s happy with who she is.

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