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Maintenance texts are the glue that holds modern relationships together. So is a link to an article about Timothée Chalamet making out with a mysterious blonde woman with a “Looks like he’s taken; you’re stuck with me.” (Note: While technically a maintenance text, a generic “good morning [heart eye emoji]” text is vomit-inducing and cheesy and is best left to teenagers.)The maintenance text harks back to a time when the only things you knew about each other were that you both knew Randi from college, who set you up, and that you were both probably going to sleep together.I don’t want to get all “how to date in the world of the Internet,” but we are all online and therefore on-phone almost constantly. In nascent relationships, inside jokes are all you have, so you lean on them like Johnny Depp leans on makeup to make his roles seem interesting.Texting is weirdly intimate yet distant: like a call, it shows up right there on your phone, which is likely on you, yet it’s also what communications scholar call “asynchronous”—like email, you can choose to view and reply to message at your own convenience. ” says Hertlein, who has a couples’ therapy practice and also studies technology’s impact on relationships.It’s also low in “richness”: you have body language when you’re face-to-face, facial expressions over video messages, and tone of voice on a call, but over text, it’s just typing and a smattering of emoji, meaning there’s (perilously) lots to interpret in length of messages, speediness of replies, and like. “Once that dance has gotten started, if you slow down to a pace where you’re comfortable, that change is going to be interpreted as a lack of interest,” she tells Thrive Global.One of the blessings—or burdens, depending on your perspective—of technology is that it allows for what psychologists call “social presence,” or a feeling of closeness, from afar. That’s one reason it’s easy to get miffed at a partner who doesn’t respond promptly.

“You have to make sure that whatever cadence you start with is a cadence that you can be comfortable with and that feels authentic for you in the moment,” she says.

No one has time to stop in and have lunch at your office during their break, which apparently used to be a thing. Whether you met on Tinder (God forbid) or in real life, the beginning of a relationship is when two people are desperately trying to seem casual via jokes until they finally feel comfortable enough to touch naughty bits, and you must keep those inside jokes alive.

And you can only deliver flowers every so often before it becomes weird. A maintenance text is a text that does not convey important information. Nothing is more disheartening than when the person you're dating gives up on a joke that you thought was still going.

In short, people learn how to love from their primary caregivers, most often their mother, and those patterns then transfer into their romantic relationships in adulthood.

If their mom was dismissive of their emotions as a child, they’re liable to become disconnected from their own (and their possible partner’s) feelings in adulthood, in what’s called avoidant attachment.

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“Couples have problems when a partner doesn’t respond because you have now violated the contract in the relationship.” There’s good reason to believe that we treat our texts—and the phones that contain them—like we treat our relationships in general.

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