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Your 20s is the time, because you aren’t tied down with a spouse and kids.If you want to go heli skiing in Canada, go and do it! By the time I hit 30 I’d been to several countries overseas, served in the military, earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree, got a scuba diving licence, been bungee jumping out of a suspended cable car, surfed 15 foot waves, went snowboarding in Canada, trained with and been taught by Olympic judo champions, and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.

If you have things you want to do or try, get out and do them!The biggest part of growing up is breaking that conditioning to become your own person.I was conditioned to be a people/authority pleaser, which meant I was always seeking the approval of others.If, however, you show up to win every day and do more than what is asked of you, the sky is the limit.You may go from job to job, but you’ll pick up valuable experience and insight along the way whereas others merely pick up a paycheck and more cynicism, never becoming more valuable in the process.

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