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As head pastor, Swearingen assumed the leadership role overseeing Visalia's four Catholic congregations, George Mc Cann School and the Bethlehem Center.

Their discipline is that married men may be ordained, but priests may not marry. Paul's instructions to single men that they "remain as he is" (I Cor. Ordaining older married men would seem, at first glance, to solve a lot of problems, not only in the developed countries where, arguably, the mandatory vow of celibacy is one of the greatest deterrents to increased vocations, but it would also be a great help in Africa where celibacy is culturally unheard of, and in South America where the priest to people ratio is huge.I am deeply concerned for his wellbeing." This action was necessary in light of detailed information associated with a civil case dating back to 2009 that was brought to my attention following a file review.I am not able to offer further details." Swearingen was named pastor of the parish in 2014.Investigators say Mc Loone opened an off-the-books “St Joseph Activity Account” on November 2, 2011, his first All Souls Day as pastor there.Over the next six years, he deposited more than 5,000 in parish cheques – including nearly ,000 in All Souls collections, which parishioners traditionally donate to honour deceased family and friends – into the account.

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Pope Francis recently signaled that he might be open to discussing the possibility of married Catholic men being ordained as priests. Related: This is what Pope Francis said about married priests Through this process a married man who has been ordained in the Anglican Church (and sometimes the Lutheran and Methodist churches) is granted a dispensation from the vow of celibacy in order to be ordained as a Catholic priest.

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