Dating a greek

His European demeanor left one huge curiosity on the table: European, or Euro-gay?

Then, because we both kind of felt the vibe switch when there was more eye contact in my direction, European was confirmed.

Regardless of what brought me, I had concrete reasons to come back after my short week in Athens. The more I walked into trendy cafés and sipped perfectly made coffees that always had a little cookie on the side for me to enjoy, the more joy I felt.

The vibe was a mix of Rio de Janeiro with Rome, how could I not be smitten?

After all, I was freshly single, I needed to remind myself how much of a bad b! Going on this date was basically just me doing my homework to get my old fun self back.

Not that you need to date people to “find yourself,” but I’ve always thought that I learn more about myself by interacting with other people than anything else. I chose a bar in an alley, not because I’m a dumb a$$, but because most cool bars in Athens are in alleys.

It was perfect, not too much, not too little, and considering the language differences, probably the best way the conversation could have started.

Usually, I’m the excited one to stay in and chill alone, but tonight the tables had turned.

And that’s exactly how we found ourselves flirting with a “Greek god.” We got yelled at for dancing at the Parthenon, and then decided we had had enough of slipping on ancient limestone and hearing the security guards viciously blow into his damn whistle. On the way from the Parthenon to where we ended up eating, we passed this café with a view to the ancient forum.

Sure, the view was great, but the view in front of me was even better: the definition of tall, dark, and handsome.

We both knew I was leaving on an early flight, so the night couldn’t get too crazy. Next thing you know, I rummaging through my limiting suitcase that I had already gotten tired of opening, searching for something decent that wasn’t ripped, stained, or ugly to wear on this date.

I grabbed my one always-reliable-black shirt, put on janky heels I saved for this situation exactly, and clicked out of the hostel with Damon by my side.

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