Dating a codependent person

“In any relationship,” she told Business Insider, “it’s important to both bond with your partner but also maintain your own life.You don’t want to become so dependent on someone else that you lose who you are, or that essence that makes you unique…when you’re doing things on your own, you become a more interesting, well-rounded person, thereby a better partner to anyone.”If you’ve found yourself in relationship in which you feel as though you need to ask “permission” to do the things you want to do — you might be dealing with a codependent relationship.One of the first signs of a codependent relationship is a gradual shifting of responsibilities into a one-sided affair.Slowly, one person will start filling in the gaps and taking on the responsibilities of the other person in order to stay connected or prove their worth.While a codependent relationship can start out like a fairy tale, it soon descends into the unhealthy trap that we recognize all-too-well.Healthy relationships are formed when both parties mutually respect one another, but in the codependent relationship that just isn’t the case.Codependency is a dangerous relationship dynamic that can destroy lives if it’s not identified and dealt with.

Though these relationships are obviously dysfunctional, unsatisfying and even abusive — the injured parties involved keep coming back for more despite all the red flags and warning signs.

It’s easy to pass judgement, but leaving a codependent relationship isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There are an array of reasons people choose to stay when they should walk away, and they range anywhere from childhood trauma to low self-esteem or sexual confusion.

However the partnerships come together, the result is always the same.

The codependent person sacrifices his or her needs in order to take care of the other party.

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