Dating a cheapskate

There's nothing wrong with treating your guy or gal to a good time.But if you're asked out and the person conveniently forgets his wallet at home -- and if this happens more than once -- he might be trying to keep his money while spending yours.And when the bill comes he questions everything on the receipt… And he has no problem making you feel guilty when the bill comes in.6) He makes you feel guilty for spending money on yourself Whenever you spend your hard earned cash on something nice for yourself he lectures you about wasting money. 7) He always keeps score He keeps track of every nice thing he does for you and everyone else, and always expects something in return.Your new relationship is going great, until you notice a troubling trend.

You need to decide whether you can live with his ways I love coupons and never dine out without one.This isn't always a bad thing, especially if you wanted an antique or vintage item.But if you notice a pattern, or if he never pays a lot for any of your gifts, there's a chance that he's overly cheap.Then again, he may not understand tipping etiquette.You can casually suggest leaving a 15%, 18% or 20% tip and observe his reaction.

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