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Nearly all our relatives had been gassed or shot by the Nazis.The revelation that my parents and aunt had been living in hiding, I ing out to parents self.Drudge's second piece of Intemet who are gay, evi- dence was a message by "Quc'en Jef T that said the shootings were the work of "a bunch of our fellow homosexujils..[who] had taken enough crap from the straight community that had lieen abusing them and have decided own is still is different."I hope that the one thing people learn out of this whole thing is to stop teasing people." Meanwhile, Dmdge sipparent Jy found the ideal audi- .to take matters into their who first Monica Lewinsky, said he did "nothing" to "1 just pulled it off AOL with my own eyes." Unbowed, Drudge returned to the gay angle of Online profile purj Jortedly posted by one of tlie killers that listed his marital status as on were bogus, verily the infomiation. Erica Springer Ctlrtllt Un Tammy Sarah Mc Lachlan, Queen Latifah, Sinead O'Connor, Sloner mk Miriwtln Wric Hn Sivan Schlecler Mm MQir. sister cided (having hidden ty my own identi- from them for over a decade) to I not allowed to join an organization JLDHS —Jewish Lesbian by a priest in nri KGER new began to underetand who my parents were, and I struggled to come to terms with who I was.

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After a ried gay had hoped that speaking truthfully would bring my family closer together and relieve the pressure of I my mother had escaped Poland together, they my patience come out to my parents as a lesbian. would cure At the same time, some of in liiding THE ADVOCATE 10 1 MAY 25, 1999 Cop, a I . L v; :r.aterial THE ADVOCATE REPORT rants raves iilf T I'd really "People inimedialely think of Siegfried and Roy. It seemed like a given." the Traditional Values Coalition leader's the 5 Sacramento Bee — IVIercer Ellington, ipictured above, on whether his father, Duke Ellington left), Billy Strayhorn, in the ever slept with longtime collaborator May issue o^Vanity Fair P WIDE WORLD PHOTOS THE ADVOCATE MAY 2S, 1999 aterial ism't -m AT sof AC SORT mjuy?

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