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Harking back to the secret basement haunts of years gone, Below & Hidden serves a variety of different cocktails and potent drinks.

Tucked away beneath Blues Kitchen Shoreditch is Moonshine Minnie's, where you can enjoy an amazing selection of whiskey-based cocktails, as well as southern American bar snacks and a soundtrack exclusively led by female R&B artists.

If you're looking to avoid the popular grind of London's busy venues then take a peek at our collection of the best hideaways.Ask to see 'The Mayor' after your delicious dinner, and you might just find what you're looking for in the fridge.Opened by cocktail sumpremo Oskar Klimaszewski, Found is worth the hunt.Taking you off the beaten track, delving into fridges and stepping behind mirrors, these top clandestine hangouts are the best secret bars in London.Shrouded in the depths of East London and producing some of the coolest vintage inspired vibes in the city is none other than The Bootlegger.

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