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Copland and Garrett marks occur on the copper plates as well as 20th-century marks. It is possible that this mark was introduced earlier than has been supposed.

A mark used between 18 (Godden 1964: 172) appears on one of the copper plates in conjunction with the 1894 registration number.

There are as well smaller floral arrangements which were probably included as secondary designs on large objects such as soup tureens. A notation regarding it was made in January 1872 in a factory pattern book, (Illustration from factory pattern book.) The designs at the top, right and bottom are not part of the pattern.219 7663 (ca.

The name of a month or season usually appears on the vase. Excavated examples were made by Copeland and Garrett. The narrow borders are the same as those on Statice.

This collection includes some 250,000 manuscripts, letters, invoices, and tools relating not only to Spode but also to various other aspects of ceramic making in Staffordshire.

For some reason Union later became known as "Union Wreath, Third."237 Venetia (ca. The border is part of a Spode pattern that was used over many years. It was registered in 1884 and, under the name "Bertha," in 1894. It was reregistered in the 20th century under the name "Lady Anne."227 Star (pre-1867—? Copeland and Sons' 1882 catalogue and seems to have been reserved for toiletware. A Copeland and Garrett mark appears on one of the copper plates. It is a series of scenes depicting events in the military career of the Duke of Wellington.

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