Consolidating debt tips

To find the best debt consolidation company, we considered each service’s fees and program length, the resources it provides, and its eligibility requirements.

We also called each company to see how forthcoming it is with information about its programs.

We narrowed down the list by comparing the companies’ fees, customer service and transparency and spent dozens of hours speaking to representatives.

Debt consolidation programs, also known as debt settlement plans, have standardized costs and eligibility requirements.

National Debt Relief also works with you to find the right program for your debt situation.

It may recommend a debt consolidation loan through its lending branch, Liberty Lending. We found this to be one of the easiest companies to speak to, with excellent customer service reps who answered our questions with more than marketing.

The best debt consolidation companies provide a single loan to cover multiple debts you owe.

Debts can include everything from high-interest credit cards to medical bills or student and car loans.

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