Conflict resolution dating

Realizing that your perspective can be controlled by you, makes everything else just a little bit easier to deal with.

There’s nothing wrong with needing some alone time, just remember to come back to the world and tell it how you’re feeling.

You have just seriously increased the chances of your conversation going in a much healthier place, and the struggle to “remain positive” when you’re seething with anger isn’t as prominent.

But I wanted to expand on a great trick that you can use to help yourself get there.Communication usually comes easily and smoothly to most engaged couples. It may even be hard to understand how or why married couples fight.You may say to yourselves, “We’ll never be like that.” And maybe you won’t.Through it all, you’ll want to love and respect each other.Even as two people grow close together, they will occasionally think differently and have different opinions on how to handle a situation.

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