Checkingupdating cpu microcode

The “uninstall.bat” can be run to uninstall it if not needed.

Intel may only update the file once every 3-6 months, so what to do if a new critical patch is available but not included in

Newer research from Intel shows that Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Skylake and Kaby Lake-based platforms are all affected by the bugged update and spontaneously reboot.

RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance A new post on Intel's blog confirms the presence of these issues as they investigate the cause.

According to executive vice president and general manager of Intel's Data Center Group, Navin Shenoy, an updated CPU microcode will be released next week to resolve the situation.

Microcode updates can be applied at boot time by expert users, or alternatively you can apply a UEFI/BIOS/firmware update from your hardware vendor.

So they started uploading random microcode to see what it did. The rest of the time, there was no difference between the input and output states.

If everything was updated then you can uninstall the VMware driver. The main issue is that the boot order can be mixed-up which means when Windows is started the ‘old’ code could be already loaded, so there is no guarantee that you load the ‘update’ at first, which then makes it pointless to use.

If you need to ask anything after reading the guide, just don’t do it, it requires simply some experience and background if you really want to flash it, otherwise ask your OEM to deliver you an BIOS update. Open questions – Why is this microcode update not being delivered via a Windows Update, as has been done in the past? Linux handle it a bit better here, since there is a strict order.

Don`t worry about word “Linux” – luckily bin-files with microcodes are appropriate for Linux and Windows.

B Both downloaded bundles with CPU microcodes from Intel and AMD are just archive files supported by any modern archive apps.

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