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The Data Grid View control can also be used in unbound mode, with no underlying data store.For a code example that uses an unbound Data Grid View control, see Walkthrough: Creating an Unbound Windows Forms Data Grid View Control.I'm assuming it should fire every time I tab away from a cell in the grid.At the moment I'm simply trying to present a message box but the event never fires. When this event fires, the contents of the editor have not been applied to the grid.

The Data Grid View control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it will bind to instances of classes described in the following list, The Data Grid View control supports data binding to the public properties of the objects returned by these interfaces or to the properties collection returned by an ICustom Type Descriptor interface, if implemented on the returned objects.

Introduction The Data Grid View control available as a part of Windows Forms controls in Visual Studio 2008 is much more powerful than it's previous versions.

This tutorial is a basic introduction of how to write a simple data driven application using Visual Studio 2008 wizards without writing a single line of code.

If you are displaying a small grid of read-only values, or if you are enabling a user to edit a table with millions of records, the Data Grid View control will provide you with a readily programmable, memory-efficient solution. Follow these steps and you will see how to write a data driven application without writing a single line of code.

Summary In this tutorial, you saw how to build a simple data driven application using a Data Grid View control in Visual Studio 2008 without writing a single line of code.

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Typically, you will bind to a Binding Source component and bind the Binding Source component to another data source or populate it with business objects.

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