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Ted Turner was educated at The Mc Callie School, and later continued his studies at Brown University.

Initially, he studied classics, but chose to change his studies to economics, since his father showed displeasure in his choice of a major.

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When he left university, Turner went to work for his father’s company, and when his father suicided in 1963, Turner inherited “Turner Advertising Company”, which he succeeded in making a worldwide success.As a philanthropist, Ted Turner has contributed most of his fortune to charitable causes through his “Turner Foundation”, which he established in 1990.In order to show his support for environmental causes, Turner created a superhero called “Captain Planet”, who is the main hero of an environmentalism television program called “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”.With the acquisition of “MGM”, Turner also became an owner of the very popular “Merrie Melodies” and “Looney Tunes” programs, both of which became important factors in creating the “Cartoon Network” channel. Turner is also known for creating an international sports competition entitled the “Goodwill Games”, as a reaction to political issues related to the Olympic Games that took place in Moscow.Turner has also significantly contributed to the overall popularity of “World Championship Wrestling” promotion, which he purchased in 1988 – and added to his net worth.

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