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Fortunately, however, the Cancer man and Cancer woman are a cautious couple, and will usually have some solid plans in place to cover financial trouble and other practical matters.

Water signs they may be, but both are shrewd people when it comes to protecting their security, their homes and their livelihoods.

She regularly asks about people and looks after the close ones in her life.

She's very sensitive and can easily get hurt by a clumsy comment.

The Cancer woman is stylish and up to date with the latest in fashion, yet she doesn't experiment much with bold trends.When financial responsibilities, debt, career troubles or difficult family life overwhelm this couple jointly, they can rapidly fall apart, unable to reach each other, each in their own private misery.It’s very easy for this couple to drag each other down.Somehow, however, it usually seems to work out that when one partner is feeling fragile, the other is feeling strong – and in this way, Cancer man Cancer woman compatibility manages to survive the darkest points.Not always, however, Both the Cancer man and the Cancer woman are prone to dark moods and depression; if it happens that both are sinking at the same time, there is nobody to rescue either of them.

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