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Now if I click either button1 or button2 or button3 it is showing the massage box. ie the error message should be shown only on the click of button1(ie my save button) and not on the click of other buttons. And in any case, valid format, existing domain (check via DNS lookup) doesn't tell you whether the specific email address exists (or whether anyone will actually read it).I am not sure whether all the above three event handlers are required , what all pieces of code I must write in each event handler or any additional event handlers are required(if so, what code I must write inside them ) to achieve the above mentioned functionality That regex will fail to validate a lot of valid email addresses (you need to read RFC 2822 for what is valid). Private Sub Other Initialize() ' Exchange commented line and note the difference. Data Saved = True ' Data Saved = False End Sub ' Other Initialize Private Sub Form1_Closing(sender As Object, e As _ System. The instance is probably just referenced by a local variable, passed to On Form Closing.The upshot here is that I'm looking into providing a cancellable events - and I was wondering how I might make use of Cancel Event Args. My plan is to derive a new "event args" class from Cancel Event Args, and let the client set the .In my windows form projects , i have validated the fields using Boolean method.Find the below sample screen shot for validating the fields before saving the data Img 3: Validation method Here I have validated the fields using the Boolean method, If all the field values are entered properly it will return true, other wise it will return false and will display an error message.

in case extra validation like restricting validation to some of the controls only, that would be decided at the function calling level.

Cancel property - just like we can set that property for the Form Closing event. Whatever code is actually instantiating your args class would check the flag after calling the method that raises the event, and the flag will be set if any of the code dealing with the event sets it.

Pete In consideration of the brief sample code at the following link... Cancel = true, How does the form subsequently know to NOT close the form?

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Visit Stack Exchange In a Win Form I'm doing initial validation in the Form. To make the code short only three fields are shown in the code.

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