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Stetson Quality Designations, Just What Do Those Xs Mean, Anyway?

Everyone wants to know what the heck Stetson means by those “genuine” Xs. Observations on Fedora Sweatbands, Size Tags, and Fedora Dating Tips Wherein we help you date your Stetson using the tags noted.

Dating Stetsons by Company Crests, Stetson Logos and Hat Liners Because the Stetson logo changed only a finite number of times, here you’ll find yet another way to help date your Stetson.

Dating Stetson Hats By Inventory Tag These tags are another of the many ways to track down a date of a Stetson hat.

As with all dating systems for Stetsons, exact, to the year dating is nearly impossible simply because Stetson’s records have long since been destroyed.

The idea with these tags was that you could re-order your favorite hat style simply by telling Stetson what your tag said.

Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking.

If you are afraid of damaging the hat, just take a peek behind that leather.

And, of course, the name of the hat company and sometimes its address were also on these tags. On Stetsons there were two of these stickers glued to the felt behind the sweatband, at the back of the hat. Follow the arrow and look behind the sweatband for the tags What do they look like?Here is what it looks like when you turn down the leather sweatband WARNING Now, be very, very careful when you turn that sweatband down.On older hats the sweatband stitching can be very delicate.Sometimes there is an original receipt from when the hat was purchased.This is also rare and maybe a bit unreliable because, after all, the receipt could have come from any where and it’s hard to be sure it was actually for the hat it is with.

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