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His father does not follow through with the latter, and although happy he is living on his own, Tae-o mentions his friends, Choe Hun and Seo Do-hyeon, have become a nuisance to his new house.Tae-o also has a secret crush on his bestfriend, Han Song-i, and makes the effort to always be there for her, especially after her father passes away.Song-i retrieves her father's name plate from her old house, and runs into the same woman from Tae-o's date.She is the daughter of the new homeowners, but acts rudely with Song-i.Now they must all learn to live together and learn to love.Tae-o has been best friends with Song-i since they were in elementary, and feels the constant need to take care of her.Do-hyeon shows up at the station, after Song-i disappeared earlier, and almost lies about being her guardian until Tae-o shows up, claiming to be her guardian.

The first season was released on Netflix on April 18, 2019.At the library, Song-i avoids telling Do-hyeon where she slept for the night.Meanwhile, Tae-o discovers his mysterious blind date is actually Ryu Se-hyeon, not Yu-Se-yeon.Unlike the others, however, Song-i withholds the truth behind why she came to Tae-o, thus, he encourages her to go home.Tae-o learns that the supposed “Yu Se-yeon” was not the real name of the woman he met earlier, even so, he becomes curious about who she really is.

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Song-i experiences the most hardship out of the entire group, as her father dies and her mother abandons her, and she is eventually left homeless.

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