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Protective pads should be used under items with a rough bottom, like pottery.

Denting, caused by extreme pen pressure when writing, can also damage veneer.

Other Damage Wood is susceptible to bruising and scratching from heavy office equipment, so we encourage a protective surface is placed underneath.

Objects should be lifted instead of dragged across a surface.

The instructions for the care and maintenance of Herman Miller products are provided to you as a service. For normal cleaning, wet cheesecloth in a nonabrasive cleaner, like liquid dish soap, and rub the chrome component lightly until the original luster reappears.

Dry the component with a soft cloth to remove any soap residue.

For normal cleaning, wash coated metal surfaces with a soft cloth soaked in detergent and warm water; rinse thoroughly and dry.

If the scratches are deep, consult a professional furniture refinisher.

In 1941, not long after Charles and Ray were married, they began experimenting to find out the limits of wood as a material.

Playing around with a variety of wood-molding techniques, they made a number of discoveries that led to a commission from the U. Navy to develop plywood splints, stretchers, and glider shells used in World War II.

Use desk pads or some other protection where a lot of paperwork is done.

Sunlight can damage veneer as well, so veneer surfaces should not be in direct sunlight.

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Don’t place a potted plant on a veneer surface unless it’s in a water-tight container or in a drip tray.

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