Bahia dating in salvador

Scheduled Airlines: The airport is 28km from the city center (via the Paralela expressway) or 32km (via the seaside).

Two kinds of taxis are available in the airport, the executive taxis (Coometas and Comtas), and the normal taxis (careful, they have bad reputation, taking travelers around and around to keep the meter running and most of them only speak Portuguese).

Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, Brazil.

A fourth option would be the executive air-conditioned minibuses which depart every 20 minutes to the Praça da Sé, in downtown near Pelourinho via the seaside, stopping at famous beaches like Ondina, Pituba, Amaralina and Itapuã, and Barra as well as stopping by Shopping Barra--an American-style shopping mall located not too far from the Farol da Barra The fare for these buses is R.In literature, the late Jorge Amado was also from the region.It's a vibrant, exciting city, and its people are quite friendly.It's questionable whether this reputation is true, as the behavior of pedestrians and drivers in traffic seems to contradict this.Regardless, few soteropolitanos seem to bother with this reputation, even the bad part of it, and some even make fun of their own supposed lazyness.

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