Athena finds out percy and annabeth are dating

Hence, Medusa's hatred for them, and her reference to unfinished business.

In Greek mythology (at least in the classical version), Athena is a daughter of Zeus, which makes Annabeth and Percy first cousins once removed.

The citizens of the city were arguing over which god, after whom to name the city.

The two choices were Athena and Poseidon, Percy's father.

Jackson) face are a fire caused by Furies, being tricked by Medusa (Uma Thurman), escaping the St. Percy discovers his powers after fighting a Daughter of Ares named Clarrisse la Rue, and the camp is directed by Dionyus, God of Wine. Percy also fights with a bully at his school named Nancy Bobofit.

When Chiron is calling for the campers to gather around to go over the rules for Capture the Flag, he yells for Dylan and Paris to stop "lollygagging".

Chiron is played by Pierce Brosnan, whose two younger sons are named Dylan and Paris.

Athena was a maiden goddess (she could never marry), yet she had children, such as Annabeth, because like her, her children are born from pure thought, and given as a gift to the men she truly admires, therefore she is able to have demigod children, and still be a maiden goddess When in the Parthenon Museum, Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) begins telling Percy (Logan Lerman) a story about her mother, Athena.

The story she tells, is the Greek myth about how the capital city Athens got its name.

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