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And the turnaround time was decent as well, it took less than a month, about 3 weeks.

This shows me that ASUS stands by their products and will fix the issue if need be.

The repair quality was excellent, the customer support was great, and the turnaround time was manageable - I received it back 21 days from the day I sent it away.

I read many reviews on this website and they scared me because of how low the rating for ASUS is on here, but I can tell you after going through the repair process that it was fantastic.

I cannot work currently and have asked for my tablet to be returned immediately unrepaired as I will get it sorted locally as the loss of work far outweighs replacing the battery but I cannot even get the product returned or even a response. For single issue I had submitted thrice at Service center Vide RMA No: **, **, **.

I received the laptop back in great condition, no damage, and the repairs were great and the original problem with the keyboard not functioning was fixed.

Keep in mind, the clock is ticking on my warranty, I have about 12 days of coverage left at this point.

Fed Ex gave me a notification telling me that it had arrived at the destination, but no word yet from ASUS.

After my disappointing experience with Net Gear Router AC1750 and their pressure sales for their Service Contract, I purchased the ASUS mostly for the good and polite customer service. With my RT-AC1200 router, I found the instructions to set it up are straightforward, and it took very little time to get it up and running. So they told me I'll need to send them my original invoice for verification.

I connected it up to my Computer and found it easy to use the interface control panel to set my passwords. And so I found my invoice for when I bought the laptop, sent it over to them and they verified it within 2 days, giving me a new warranty date which was now the correct date, exactly a year from the day I actually bought it.

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All in all, I am extremely pleased with ASUS right now.

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