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I also writes poems and quotes which you can check on my instagram profile given.I am an ambievert ie: niether completely introvert nor extrovert.I like writing and speaking both and wants to improve myself every time.reported a faulty claim that they were breaking up, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis joked about their supposed split on Instagram, according to Buzzfeed.This couple is meant to be together as it took them 14 years to realize the fact they are the best for each other.Now, after knowing how it all began, we surely can get to the idea that they both are together and are not planning any breakup.Whereas many fans are relieved that they both are together.

In the clip, which Kutcher posted on Instagram on June 19, he and his wife can be seen mulling over a photo of an actor asks his partner what's going on, she jokingly replies that "it's over between us" while flashing a photo of the magazine's cover. Well, as Kunis read, there was reportedly a "very dark secret exposed," but both she and Kutcher were unsure what that was. Just fun," shook hands on it, "this is just fun." Three months later, I was like, "This isn't fun anymore." We were always open.Recently one tabloid published an article saying that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher broke up.The couple has two kids named Isabelle and Portwood which the tabloid claimed that are going to live with Mila.They say really “it’s over between us” we didn’t know that. But some fans are still confused and are saying it as a publicity stunt to gain attention from fans.Many even said brutally that they must have broken up already but just playing a prank.

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  1. It was so interesting; it was like going back home but with a new set of eyes if that makes sense. I generally have to feel inspired to write one and a conversation with a new friend impacted me.