Amount for updating in general ledger amount in local currency

For non-monetary items, remeasurement uses historical rates.

The cumulative translation adjustment is typically recorded as part of profit or loss.

To use multi–currency accounting, you must first define Currencies and Conversion Rate Types.

Currency processes perform revaluation, translation, and remeasurement using daily or historical rates that you enter.

This is a rare case and could arise if the subsidiary is a holding company for operations in England.

In this case, both remeasurement and translation are required.

In order to meet the reporting requirements of the parent, Company B has to perform translation from EUR to USD.

There are three key processes in Oracle General Ledger to address multi-currency requirements: Remeasurement: restates an entire ledger or balances for a company from the ledger currency to another currency.

General Ledger can perform two types of translation stipulated in SFAS #52 and IAS 21: The example and table, below, illustrates when translation and remeasurement are required. Company B’s ledger currency is not the same as the parent’s functional or reporting currency.

However, this usually arises when the subsidiary is not integral to the parent’s business.

BSEG stores the line items for accounting documents.

Accounting documents make up the financials of your organisation. The link between BSEG and BKPF is made on fields MANDT, BUKRS, GJAHR, BELNR.

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