Alec medlock dating allison scagliotti

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Bell said it wasn't just them going to college or something like that, but perhaps it features them later in life having to live together after life throws them a curveball.

Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) is their little sister who likes to play pranks on them.

Josh works at The Premiere on the show and Drake is a singer and plays guitar.

Josh is a very good student and a total geek, but his naive attitude in social regards and how nearly everyone seems to hate his guts (for whatever reason) drag him down many, many times.

Josh Peck and Drake Bell got the chance to get the spotlight all to themselves, and they knocked it out of the park. [The show] is going to be way more creative, way cooler than just you know the college years or something like that.

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Braddy, Robin Sydney, Olivia Thirlby, Mary-Kate Olsen, Jane Adams, Aaron Yoo, Joanna Merlin, Bob Dishy, Ken Marks, Nick Schutt, Ben Kingsley Joshua Michael "Josh" Peck (born November 10, 1986) is an American actor.

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