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“I’m finding that younger men these days — well, many of them — are more inclined to commit.Sometimes an older man, especially if he has not been married, is stuck in his ways and not as committal.”Of course, this isn’t the universal experience: Jane*, a 28-year-old woman living in San Francisco, said she still finds the majority of her romantic success with guys her age or older. “I love dating girls who are older than me,” Sam, a 29-year-old man living in New York, says.“Honestly, they’re so much more emotionally and mature, not as insecure, and our conversations are incredible.” Sam’s experience isn’t unusual, according to Weiner, who has talked to plenty of men who love dating older women.“Many younger men are attracted to older women because they’re often more confident and authentic than their younger counterparts,” she explains.“Guys my age come with a lot more baggage,” she says with a shrug.“They’ve been in long-term relationships, and some of them are even divorced. Younger guys are just , which surveys 5,500 single people each year, 26 percent of women were open to dating men 10 years younger than them or more. If you are involved with a man who is, say 55, I am willing to bet he has very little interest in sex and is probably tired most of the time!! Most men, once they reach middle age, have a tendency to lack energy and will be very physically out of shape. For most men over the age of 40 a radical decline of testosterone is a common occurrence which results in hair loss, lack of muscle mass and low sex drive.

and probably addicted at the same time to this young man’s body.The idea that younger women should aim to find older, more successful men is definitely antiquated in 2019.In fact, It’s worth noting that for LGBTQ couples, an age gap is more likely to be overlooked.“As far as society is concerned, dating younger men is so much more common than it used to be,” she says.“If what you have is a big connection with someone, embrace that.

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Also, younger men have a tendency to be spontaneous and eager to explore new things were an older man would not. Number Two: they are thin and have sexy fit bodies!

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