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They accused the City Council of attempting dishonestly but unsuccessfully to camouflage after the act of delinquency.

They questioned why the Government Delegate did not inform their client about the decision purported to have been issued on May 3.

They further complained "that our client was taken aback by the fact that on May 10, 2007, about three months later, agents of the Yaounde City Council, in a flagrant manner and assisted unfortunately by elements of the forces of law and order, did completely demolish the construction carried out by our client, with the aid of heavy engines and without any prior notification to our client".

The lawyers stated that after the act of demolition, their client was surprised to be notified through one Maitre Gabriel Ngwe, a sheriff in Yaounde in decision No.

06/0358/CU/MINDUH//P200 as well as certificate of accessibility No.

06/266/V.1.2/CA/MINDUH/2/p200 dated March 31, 2007. In order to fully beef up their case, the lawyers state in the letter that the officials in charge of Hygiene and Sanitation of the Yaounde City Council issued to their client a certificate of sanitation No. They further hold that their client followed all the administrative procedures before embarking on the construction of her house under the supervision of the City Council.

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The lawyers state that after Abeck Akwa bought the land and acquired a title No. 172 Folio 118 of Mfoundi Division, the building permit was only delivered after various competent commissions with the assistance of the Government Delegate in person, had affected several visits to the place to examine the building site.

The letter which is dated June 8, 2007, indicates that the building permit was issued after a recommendation by the technical services of the City Council as evidenced by technical document No. The lawyers argue that their client equally obtained Certificate of Urbanisation No.

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