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In some cases, having a prelander to an offer improves conversion rates. ” instead of the usual “Click here” Your picture should be clear and catchy. Also mind the positioning of the picture in regards to the text.

Having your own landing pages collecting push subscribers while you’re running your offers - now that’s a nice bonus for you. If you don’t want to go with your own landing page, that doesn't mean you’ll be unsuccessful! All of the affiliate networks mentioned offer their own landing pages that you can use free of charge and stress. Knowing this, you will know the angle to pursue with your call to action. Do you want to have the picture on the right or on the left of the text?

Some of our campaigns have been running for months, some have been recently added. The point is to show you that there is no formula in the world where you can have just one offer/affiliate network/payout type, niche and GEO and run on one type of traffic and become profitable. All of that is an ongoing project with the goal of not losing money but preferably having a status quo or, ideally, being profitable.

When it comes to creatives, there are some rules you should follow: mind the pictures and mind the texts/CTAs. Prepare as many different types as you can based on angles you want to pursue and test.Let us briefly walk you through the different affiliate networks listed.Profit Social owns the exclusive rights to a number of top dating products, but they can also provide external offers if you have a decent amount of traffic for it. You can choose an individual offer or you can create your own smartlink in various verticals such as: dating - adult and mainstream, mobile content (adult), sweeps, gay dating, pills etc. Masters In Cash is one of the best business models in dating we’ve ever seen.You’ll be prepared when the time comes for scaling.Reach out to your account manager or affiliate networks and have the correct URLs ready and postbacks set up.

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